Barnes Smart Solutions Introduces Key Blocks in the latest P3 Version 1.9.5.

London, UK – 17 January 2024 – Barnes Smart Solutions, an innovative technology driven solutions company and part of the Barnes International Group announced today the release of a new version of their EMV® data preparation software solution called P3 v1.9.5 which now fully supports TR-31 based Keyblock keys.

P3 is a turnkey solution comprising a Windows-based application and a FIPS 140-2 Level 3 approved hardware security module (HSM). It provides a simple, low-cost EMV data preparation solution for issuers looking to migrate from magnetic stripe cards to EMV smart cards.

The P3 data preparation system is used for the issuance of cards and EMV tokens, applicable in various scenarios, including complete in-house card issuance, branch instant issuance, and in-house data preparation services. The solution seamlessly integrates with card issuers’ legacy card management systems (CMS) and systems that personalise information onto smart cards, payment devices, EMV tokens, and provisioning systems of mobiles.

“As the Technology Director at Barnes Smart Solutions, I am thrilled to announce the release of P3 v1.9.5, our latest EMV data preparation software version. This version apart from adding support for TR-31 basedKeyblocksalso now support the generation of mag-stripe cryptographic elements and the generation or reissue of PINs.This version not only signifies our commitment to innovation but also aligns seamlessly with PCI Security Requirements. ” – G. Oosthuizen

As per PCI PIN Security Requirements 18-3, encrypted symmetric keys must be managed in structures called Key Blocks, with cryptographic binding to prevent unauthorised use. TR-31 ensures the seamless integration of confidentiality and integrity features, leveraging cutting-edge cryptographic techniques such as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption and Cipher-based Message Authentication Code (CMAC). This ensures not only the protection of the key itself but also the associated meta-data.

“As Managing Director of Barnes Smart Solutions, I am excited about the enhanced capabilities of P3 v1.9.5. This update reflects our relentless pursuit of excellence in the payment solutions landscape. The addition of Key Blocks integration not only strengthens the security features of our software but also positions P3 as a forward-looking and compliant solution for the evolving payment industry. We believe that this update will empower issuers to seamlessly transition to key blocks within their issuance environment.” – Susan Higgo

Barnes Smart Solutions remains at the forefront of technological innovation with the release of P3 v1.9.5, a significant advancement in our EMV data preparation software. The inclusion of Key Blocks integration not only aligns with PCI Security Requirements but also reflects our commitment to providing secure and adaptable solutions for the dynamic landscape of payment technologies.

We are proud to offer a system that caters to various applications, supporting complete in-house card issuance, branch instant issuance, and in-house data preparation services. P3 seamlessly integrates with legacy card management systems (CMS) and personalisation systems, providing a versatile solution for our clients.

For more information on P3 v1.9.5 and its Key Blocks integration, please visit our website or contact our dedicated team. We look forward to the continued success and secure transactions that P3 brings to our valued partners and clients.


Barnes Smart Solutions would like to let all P3 users know that the P3 system/applications do NOT use Apache or the Log4j library and therefore are NOT affected by the log4j vulnerability and you can continue their use without concern. This includes:
·     P3 Server
·     P3 GUI
·     P3 ServerMonitor
·     P3 Editor (EMVEdit)
·     P3 DEC
All these tools are unaffected.
For any questions please email:


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Barnes Smart Solutions is happy to announce that the development, porting and licensing of the 1122 firmware – P3CM Equivalent Software Package (PAC907) now called, PS10-P3M-x on the new payShield10K was completed in August 2020 and we are ready to assist you with purchasing the new payShield 10K solution.

The payShield 10K with the P3CM Equivalent Software Package (PS10-P3M-x), enables all cryptographic functions to support the EMV data preparation and key management needs of the P3 application.

The payShield 10K solution offers significantly higher RSA and 3DES performance than its predecessors. It also provides a more consistent and predictable performance, across all host commands, even in situations of heavy load and when TLS-based secure communications are in use.

The latest P3 version 1.9.3 is also now available it includes the following feature updates:

  • Support for the Thales payShield 10K
  • TLS connections between P3 and Crypto Module
  • TLS connections between P3 TCP clients and P3
  • Import EMV Data Output files from MPA, VPA
  • Full P3 Key Management functionality via CLI

We are ready and able to assist you with ordering the new payShield 10K HSM with the following PS10-P3M-“x” software packages available:

  • PS10-P3M-S is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 60 cps
  • PS10-P3M-M is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 250 cps
  • PS10-P3M-H is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 1000 cps
  • PS10-P3M-X is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 2500 cps

We would like to remind you that the payShield 9K needs to be replaced before end of December 2022 when the support ends. Please contact or visit


Smartcards india 2019

Barnes International will be exhibiting at Seamless East Africa, Radisson Blue Hotel in Nairobi from 2nd to 4th September 2019.

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P3 V1.9.2 Update

The focus of the new release is on increasing productivity through automation and support for the latest Windows operating systems.

P3 v1.9.2 design provides users with a solution to automate the key and certificate management tasks. Once configured, data preparation can be performed without user intervention via submitting a job through one of the P3 job submission interfaces.

The Diagram below depicts where in the value chain this functionality will increase efficiency/productivity.

The automation interface supports automation of ten workflows which assists with:

  1. Setup and configuring of Crypto modules
  2. Management of
    1. Issuers and BINs
    2. Keys (processing and transport)
    3. Certificates  (Issuers and CA certificates)

Additional enhancements within v1.9.2 include added support for hostnames when adding a crypto-module, the ability to configure, through the P3 GUI, either an IP address or a hostname string for a given crypto-module.

This version includes added support for Windows 2016 Server and Windows 2019 Server operating systems. It also incorporates solutions to various minor change requests**

Firmware: We have assisted with support on the payShield PAC907 which resulted in general security updates and the fixing of some change requests in the firmware, we thus recommend  that users operate P3 v1.9.2 on payShield 9000 with the PAC907 (P3CM-ESP) licence and firmware version 1122-0922 (or above) or 1215.0904 (or above).

Note: The automation API support is only available on P3 Server. The command line can only be evoked by a user with P3 Administrator rights. To this end we encourage users to contact us to update their P3 skills through attending our P3 training .

** please refer to the engineering release notes

Please contact to get access to the updated P3version

Please contact to book P3 Training


We will be exhibiting at SMART CARDS EXPO 2019, which will take place on 25 ? 27 September 2019 at India Expo Centre & Mart, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR, India.

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Barnes will be exhibiting at?TRUSTECH 2019?again this year, on 26?28 November in Cannes.

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26?28 November 2019

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