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About Us

Providing the best personalisation solution and support is our top priority

Barnes Smart Solutions provides a powerful and mature set of tools, enabling card issuers to prepare data for personalisation of smart cards for use in a wide range of applications, both financial and non-financial.  The principal components of our issuance solution can be combined in several ways to satisfy the needs of both complete in-house card issuance and in-house data preparation only services.  The components also integrate readily with card issuers legacy card management systems (CMS) and with personalisation systems that drive the printing (or loading) of such information onto smart cards.

Our Solutions

• Developer and provider of turnkey data preparation solution P3 Advanced and P3 Server

• Installation and support of turnkey data preparation solution P3 Advanced and P3 Server

• Reseller of payShield 9000 and 10K with firmware

• Support of payShield 9000 and 10K with firmware

• Provider and support of Instant Issuance solution

• On or Off site P3 Training

• Provider of onsite or remote Consulting Services regarding EMV solution and IoT security

• Research and Development of security applications for the IoT market

• Provider of Bespoke Development services and the support thereof

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Our Resellers and Customers

We distribute our products and services either directly or via Resellers worldwide. Our customers include leading Banks, Card Issuers, Manufacturers and Bureaus across the Globe.

Our Partners

We foster close working relationships with leading payment schemes and companies in the payment card industry ensuring our solutions cater for all types of scheme requirements.


Throughout the year, we attend events all over the world, sharing insights and advice on effective chip and mag stripe testing and so much more.


With customers and partners in a variety of sectors, we ensure that everyone receives the same standard of service during their time with us.

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