Barnes Smart Solutions is happy to announce that the development, porting and licensing of the 1122 firmware – P3CM Equivalent Software Package (PAC907) now called, PS10-P3M-x on the new payShield10K was completed in August 2020 and we are ready to assist you with purchasing the new payShield 10K solution.

The payShield 10K with the P3CM Equivalent Software Package (PS10-P3M-x), enables all cryptographic functions to support the EMV data preparation and key management needs of the P3 application.

The payShield 10K solution offers significantly higher RSA and 3DES performance than its predecessors. It also provides a more consistent and predictable performance, across all host commands, even in situations of heavy load and when TLS-based secure communications are in use.

The latest P3 version 1.9.3 is also now available it includes the following feature updates:

  • Support for the Thales payShield 10K
  • TLS connections between P3 and Crypto Module
  • TLS connections between P3 TCP clients and P3
  • Import EMV Data Output files from MPA, VPA
  • Full P3 Key Management functionality via CLI

We are ready and able to assist you with ordering the new payShield 10K HSM with the following PS10-P3M-“x” software packages available:

  • PS10-P3M-S is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 60 cps
  • PS10-P3M-M is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 250 cps
  • PS10-P3M-H is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 1000 cps
  • PS10-P3M-X is the P3CM Package for payShield ® 10K – 2500 cps

We would like to remind you that the payShield 9K needs to be replaced before end of December 2022 when the support ends. Please contact or visit