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We keep on top of industry developments so you don’t have to

To ensure our solution remains the most accurate and reliable on the market, we are a member of various industry bodies and actively participate in discussions around EMV migration and technological advances in the card, mobile payments and IoT industry.

We also work collaboratively with the major card associations and EMV authentication platforms to ensure our solution supports their applications.

We are an ASAP partner of Thales, Barnes Smart Solutions is a member of the Thales Alliance for Solution and Application Providers (ASAP) program. The ASAP program develops technical partnerships to ensure that Thales solutions integrate seamlessly with leading applications and hardware, making it easy to deploy best practice security solutions.

Barnes Smart Solutions is a member of the MULTOS Consortium. As a member Barnes Smart Solutions will participate in the MULTOS Business and Technical Architecture Groups which will allow us to contribute towards the development and growth of MULTOS whilst benefiting from the consortium’s marketing, technical, and networking resources with members that span the secure payments, digital identity and smart device industries. 

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“Barnes Smart Solutions are an innovative addition to the growing MULTOS Consortium and eco-system. Their expertise and capability in secure data generation and provisioning for smart devices such as smart cards is a valuable asset, and lends itself to the natural evolution to include a wider range of devices and services in the embedded, connected, and IoT domains. By also leveraging the advanced and secure MULTOS technology Barnes Smart Solutions will be able to continue evolving and provide advanced innovative solutions”.

Paul Wilson, Commercial Manager of the MULTOS Consortium

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