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The Integralis IT Consultancy group of companies is made up of technology, business process, solutions, and consulting-focused workgroups that offer a range of services and products. The group consists of four companies:

  • ¬†Integralis IT Consultancy unlocks the power of identity management and governance solutions to address operational efficiency, security, and governance challenges in your business.
  • Zusani Services provides managed, and co-sourced, solutions to the challenge of specialist resource placement and complex document lifecycle/control solutions.
  • Integralis Solutions offers your business a collection of bespoke cloud services and products to enable SQL Server governance, identity verification, and credential management.
  • Integralis Consulting provides access to architecture, consulting, and managed services offerings from industry-leading vendors solutions by Microsoft, Quest, Snow Software, Omada, FastPassCorp, Qualys, and more.

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Monet +

MONET+ is a Czech-owned Joint stock SW technology company that was established in 1996 in Zlín, Czech Republic. With over 25 years of experience, MONET+ focuses on securing digital identities and electronic payments to create a trusted digital world. The company has around 300 in-house specialists located in various offices throughout the Czech Republic, including Prague and Brno. MONET+ has a turnover of 20 million Euros and is a reliable technological partner used by millions of people worldwide.

ProID Solution: One of the key offerings of MONET+ is the ProID solution, which addresses challenges related to employee digital identity. The ProID platform provides a range of tools and features that ensure secure identity verification, data protection, system logins, and electronic signatures for employees and officials.

  • Multifactor Identity Verification: The ProID solution offers multifactor authentication tools, including ProID+ smart cards, ProID Mobile authentication app, ProIDBittron hardware key, and other multifactor methods. These tools enhance security by requiring multiple factors for identity verification, reducing the risk of unauthorized access.
  • Secure System Logins and Electronic Signatures: ProID enables secure login and work identity verification for employees, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to computers, systems, and applications. Additionally, the platform supports digital document circulation with electronic signatures, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents.
  • Remote Access and Work Flexibility: With ProID, employees can securely access corporate data when traveling or working from home. This feature enables organizations to maintain productivity and ensure data security even in remote work scenarios.
  • Integration and Unification: ProID allows for the integration and unification of various identity and security elements. It consolidates functions such as attendance cards, staff IDs, and cybersecurity into one smart card. This streamlines identity management processes and reduces the risks associated with data access and leakage.
  • Certificate Lifecycle Management: The ProID solution includes add-on applications and extension functions for the lifecycle management of ProID Multifactor certificates. This encompasses managing cryptographic material, digital keys, and user permissions. These features provide efficient administration and maintenance of digital certificates within an organization.
  • PKI Design and Certification Authorities: ProID supports the design and construction of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and certification authorities. It assists in creating variable structures for certification authorities, including operational, emergency, and security documentation. Additionally, ProID offers supply and installation of Hardware Security Module (HSM) modules for the secure storage of certification authority keys.
  • Compliance with Standards and Regulations: ProID ensures compliance with relevant industry standards and regulations. It helps organizations in implementing requirements such as the Cyber Security Act for Critical Infrastructure and Important Information Systems, eIDAS Regulation, and ISO 27000 standards. This ensures adherence to best practices and regulatory frameworks in data security and identity management.

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