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What is a ProtectServer 3 Network HSM and why do you need it

The ProtectServer HSMs are part of Thales’s general purpose HSM portfolio, offering network attached and PCIe form factors.

These HSMs are designed to safeguard cryptographic keys and ensure the security and integrity of sensitive data through encryption, signing, and authentication services.

One notable aspect of ProtectServer HSMs is their flexibility, enabling application developers to create and execute their own firmware securely within the HSM’s protected environment. In addition to their flexible firmware capabilities, ProtectServer HSMs provide secure storage and a dedicated cryptographic processor, enabling high-speed processing for cryptographic operations and fast transaction speeds.

They offer a wide range of cryptographic services, including encryption, user and data authentication, message integrity, secure key storage, and key management. This versatility makes ProtectServer HSMs suitable for various applications such as eCommerce, PKI, document management, Electronic Bill Presentation and Payment (EBPP), database encryption, and financial EFT transactions, among others.


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