P3 V1.9.2 Update

The focus of the new release is on increasing productivity through automation and support for the latest Windows operating systems.

P3 v1.9.2 design provides users with a solution to automate the key and certificate management tasks. Once configured, data preparation can be performed without user intervention via submitting a job through one of the P3 job submission interfaces.

The Diagram below depicts where in the value chain this functionality will increase efficiency/productivity.

The automation interface supports automation of ten workflows which assists with:

  1. Setup and configuring of Crypto modules
  2. Management of
    1. Issuers and BINs
    2. Keys (processing and transport)
    3. Certificates  (Issuers and CA certificates)

Additional enhancements within v1.9.2 include added support for hostnames when adding a crypto-module, the ability to configure, through the P3 GUI, either an IP address or a hostname string for a given crypto-module.

This version includes added support for Windows 2016 Server and Windows 2019 Server operating systems. It also incorporates solutions to various minor change requests**

Firmware: We have assisted with support on the payShield PAC907 which resulted in general security updates and the fixing of some change requests in the firmware, we thus recommend  that users operate P3 v1.9.2 on payShield 9000 with the PAC907 (P3CM-ESP) licence and firmware version 1122-0922 (or above) or 1215.0904 (or above).

Note: The automation API support is only available on P3 Server. The command line can only be evoked by a user with P3 Administrator rights. To this end we encourage users to contact us to update their P3 skills through attending our P3 training .

** please refer to the engineering release notes

Please contact P3support@Barnessmart.com to get access to the updated P3version

Please contact Sales@Barnessmart.com to book P3 Training

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