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Training and Consultancy Services

Training and consultancy designed to help your organisation grow

Throughout the years, our team of industry consultants have worked with companies all over the world to develop and implement new strategies when it comes to their services. Take a look below to see the range of services available.


Bespoke Development

Bespoke Development Services

Our Engineers have over 20 years of development experience. If you have a specific EMV requirement, you can contact us for the development. We will document the functional spec based on your requirements, provide a technical specification for acceptance by your technical team and thereafter manage the development process until final implementation. You will be able to utilise the experience of our team to significantly reduce your costs, minimise project risk and optimise rollout timescales, leaving you free to focus on the core of your business.




Most IoT endpoint devices need some unique data programming into them before use. Some of that data must remain secret and some of it needs to be generated and kept secret. Security concerns in the IoT world emulate that of the EMV environment i.e. Root of Trust (authentication), Transaction Security (non-repudiation), Security of Data (end-point security), Update of application or configuration after deployment and having the ability to create a closed community.
Together with MULTOS, Barnes Smart Solution have entered the IoT space to extend the P3 solution to support generic IoT applications for MULTOS.
Please contact us if you require assistance on your IoT project

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